One Percent Press is publishing a beautiful new reprint of Jeremiah! Debuting at SPX 2015!

Past News:

‘Jeremiah’ is the foreboding story of a teenager whose struggle with self-discovery may bring on the end of his world. A watercolor and ink graphic novel spanning 160 pages, ‘Jeremiah’ explores the conflict between the physical and the inexplicable, asking questions about faith, adolescence and sexuality.

“The style of ‘Jeremiah’ is staunchly Midwestern- pastoral, straightforward and mundane … its simplicity is a vehicle for a surreal sort of brutality.” – Olivia Horvath

July 1, 2013: Here it is, it’s a sprint towards the ending. Only a handful of pages left. If you’ve been enjoying Jeremiah, maybe you’d like to buy something from my BigCartel or Storenvy?

March 29, 2013: We’ve hit the the halfway point! Thanks to everyone who has been enjoying JEREMIAH. Lots more to come! Please consider supporting the comic if you’d like. I’m going to be attending a few conventions this summer, and I hope I’ll see some of you there!

December 31, 2012: Happy New Years, everyone! Jeremiah took a quick break for the holidays, and is back this week. I hope you all ate some good food and kept warm.

December 7, 2012: I’ve made a SUPPORT JEREMIAH pack, which includes a patch, button and postcard. It’s available at my store HERE. Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading my comic and enjoying it. I love that I can share it for free online. I love having it free. But if you enjoy the comic, and want to help me out, this pack is the chance to give your monetary support. (Think of it kinda like the internet version of street busking, or passing the hat.)

Support Jeremiah!

October 29, 2012: I will be tabling at Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest (BCGF) on November 10! I’ll be with my friends as the Providence Crystal Club, D6. I’ll have JEREMIAH postcards to hand out, as well as a bunch of my other work. Please come say hi!

September 24, 2012: The Small Press Expo (SPX) was last weekend, and it was so much fun! I handed out free JEREMIAH postcards and buttons. Thanks to the folks who stopped by my table; many smiles were shared. I hope to make the buttons available online soon!

September 9, 2012: The first week’s worth of updates are now available on the Jeremiah Tumblr! Every Sunday that Tumblr will be updated with the past week’s pages, so it’s a great way to keep up. I hope everyone has enjoyed the first week of JEREMIAH so far! Thanks to everyone who has shown their support.

Updates begin Monday, September 3, 2012